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Welcome to Belco Premier Pharming

We provide comprehensive care and insight into your medical condition. Our staff will help you find the best form of treatment based on your individual needs. We have you covered with Medical Cannabis and a wide variety of CBD Products, and we are committed to providing you with the highest quality cannabis to help you live a high quality life!

Belco Premier is also an authorized reseller of Medical Mary products as well as Rowe Casa products.


Why Medicinal Marijuana?

It can help with


Medical marijuana is an increasingly popular alternative to traditional pain-relieving medications, including opioids. Marijuana may ease certain types of chronic pain, including pain resulting from nerve damage and inflammation.

Muscle Spasms

Medical marijuana is a more natural and effective alternative to everyday spasms or common muscle injuries.

Nausea and Low Appetite

Marijuana is great at alleviating most forms of nausea. In turn, it can stimulate appetite in even the sickest of patients, an effect that can be life-saving.

Epileptic Seizures

New evidence suggests that chemicals derived from marijuana may be an effective treatment for patients with drug-resistant forms of epilepsy. Many patients find marijuana as a solution to help with, and in some cases stop epileptic seizures.

Many More!


Welcome to your one-stop concentrate shop! We at Belco Premier Pharming take pride in the quality of our concentrates. Each gram of our wax, shatter, RSO, and cartridges are extracted with quality flower and terpenes. We stand by our unique variety of strains and always look forward to providing our patients with something new and different. We believe in clarity, potency, and great taste. 

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